Sgt. Andrew J.  Carter
Larry Hovis
"You get kind of tired of working with your average, garden variety demolition pack."
The camp chemist and demolitions expert, with a talent for Hitler impressions. Aside from his absolute love of explosives, Carter is the most amiable and good-natured of the men. He also has a habit of blurting out whatever comes into his head. In some episodes, Carter seems out-right stupid; in others, he is just child-like and slightly excentric.
Aquarious: (Friendly, inventive, scientific, but not always practical.)
It is always fascinating to watch the mild-mannered Carter transform into Adolf Hitler or some imperious German general:  "The Gestapo is now conducting bunk inspections? Time is heavy on your hands, ja?"
Larry Hovis: Born Feb. 20, 1936 in Wapito, Wash., but grew up in Texas. Hovis began his singing career at age 7 by performing with his older sister. He spent five years as part of a vocal quartet (including an appearance on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts, produced two records, and spent several years in musical theater before branching out into stand-up comedy and scriptwriting. Prior to Hogan's Heroes, he had a recurring role on  "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."