Col. Robert E. Hogan
Bob Crane
"Nothing, Schultz, just the dull, deadly routine of prison life."
An unquestionable genius, Hogan is definitely the boss and brain of the operation. He is also the ultimate Salesman. Hogan is quick-thinking, fast-talking, charming, cunning, resourceful, and brave.
He is also smug, cynical, and a shameless womanizer.
Gemini: (Clever, logical, talkative.)
Leo: (Proud, authoritative, dramatic.)
In the early episodes, Hogan was sort of"bubbly", but during the course of the series, he became more and more serious. I tend to prefer the earlier version of him.
Bob Crane: Born July 13, 1928 in Waterbury, Conn. After high school, Crane began a career as a professional drummer (including two years with the Connecticut Symphony Orchesta). He became a radio disc jocky and host at age 22, and did not start acting until he was in his early thirties. Prior to Hogan's Heroes, he had a recurring role on "The Donna Reed Show".
Bob Crane's 1978 murder has never been solved.