Sgt. James Kinchloe
Ivan Dixon
"KINCH-meyer, General Kinchmeyer. Gestapo!"
The radio operator and electronics man, he also does a German officer imitation that once prompted Hogan to say, "You're pretty convincing! You know, I'm not so sure about you!" Kinchloe is the quiet, practical, eficient one, and often the one who brings the other men back down to earth when they start getting carried away.
Virgo: (Practical,  conscientious, detail-oriented.)
In episode #73, "Is General Hammerschlag Burning?", the guest actress addresses Kinchloe as "Ivan" rather than "James", leaving many viewers confushed about what Kinchloe's first name is supposed to be.
Ivan Dixon: Born April 6, 1931 in New York City, N.Y. After graduating from college (with a degree in political science and history), Dixon got a job as a social worker but also pursued an acting career.
He worked as a stunt man and actor in several Sidney Poitier movies and starrred in the film "Nothing but a Man".  Prior to Hogan's Heroes, his film and TV roles had been serious, dramatic ones.