Col. Wilhelm Klink
Werner Klemperer
"It will be the culmination of my not entirely undistinguished millitary career."
Poor Klink, he really has no idea that he is weak, stupid, and incompetent. The Iron Colonel, as he likes to think of himself, just can't understand why he hasn't been promoted to General. After all, "There has never been a successful escape from Stalag 13."  Although Klink has his good points, he is completely self-absorbed, and really doesn't care who wins the war, as long as he comes out all right.
Libra: (Because he wants everybody to like him and will         often change his opinion just to agree with the other person.)
Werner Klemperer once told an interviewer that he had been able to play Klink so convincingly because he never thought of him as a "Caricature"  He said that Klink was a "pompous idiot" and a "Yes Man", and that he had known lots of
Col. Klinks during his life.
Werner Klemperer: Born March 20, 1920 in Cologne, Germany. He was the son of famous orchestra conductor Otto Klemperer. The Klemperer family emigrated to the United States shortly after Hitler came into power. Prior to Hogan's Heroes, Werner Klemperer was primarily a dramatic actor and had starred in
the film "Operation Eichmann".