Cpl. Louis LeBeau
Robert Clary
"Pizza! You would ask a Frenchman to cook a piece of cardboard with tomato sauce?"
A gourmet chef whose cooking talent is often used to bribe the Germans. LeBeau is highly patriotic, stubborn, opinionated, and rather hot-headed and tempermental. He is always voting for the most extreme way of handling a problem, telling off some high-ranking German officer, or taking offense at something someone says.
Taurus: (Because of his stubbornness and love of food.)
Robert Clary, who is Jewish, spent three years in Nazi concentration camps but saw no conflict between his real-life experiences and his role on Hogan's Heroes. He explained: "I'm an actor. I played Louis LeBeau. He was not Jewish. I played him, and I enjoyed it." While in prison, Clary earned extra rations by singing for the German soldiers.
Robert Clary: Born Robert Widerman, on March 1, 1926 in Paris, France. After the end of World War II, he began a highly-successful singing career, appearing in night clubs and producing several records. Clary moved to the United States in 1950 and began appearing in musical reviews and TV specials even before he had learned to speak English.