Cpl. Peter Newkirk
Richard Dawson
"Well, I prefer to think of it, sir, as 'borrowed'."
Officially, Newkirk had been a magician before the war, but some of his talents, such as forgery, safe-cracking, and pocket-picking, border on the criminal. Among his other skills are mimicry and expert card playing. Newkirk likes to act smart-alecky and sarcastic, but he is actually very soft-hearted and emotional. He also tends to be the playful one of the group.
Pisces: (Because he sometimes lets his emotions interfere    with his judgment, especially where women are concerned).
Richard Dawson's first choice for Newkirk was a Liverpool accent, but the producers decided they didn't like it, and at the very last minute, told him to choose something new. There are also a number of episodes in which the voice of "Headquarters" coming over the radio sounds suspiciously like Richard Dawson's.
Richard Dawson: Born Colin Emm, on Nov. 20, 1932 in Gosport, England. Unhappy with his prospects in the poor coastal town of Gosport, he ran away to sea at 14 (by lying about his age), made a brief try at boxing, but then switched to acting at 18. At age 20, he began a highly-successful stand-up comedy career, and changed his name to Richard "Dickie" Dawson. He moved to the United States in 1962 and, by the time Hogan's Heroes aired, was a single father raising two young sons.