Recurring Characters
Cynthia Lynn
Sigrid Valdis
(Born: Zinta Valda Zimilis, in Riga, Latvia) (Born: Patricia Olson, in Bakersfield, Ca.)
Klink's secretary during the first year. (Like most fans, I would have preferred to have her continue in the role.)
Klink's secretary during seasons two through six.
"Colonel Hogan is here to see you, Herr Kommandant."
"Colonel Hogan is here to see you,
Herr Kommandant."
General Albert Burkhalter
Major Wolfgang Hochstetter
Leon Askin
Howard Caine
(Born: Leon Aschkenazy, in Vienna, Austria)
(Born: Howard Cohen, in Nashville, Tenn.)
Klink's commanding officer.
"Your friendly neighborhood Gestapo dealer", as Hogan describes him.
"Shut up, Klink!"
"Heads will roll!"
Frau Gertrude Linkmeyer
Kathleen Freeman
Arlene Martel
General Burkhalter's sister.
Code name for Underground leader, Marie Louise Monet.
"Why does everybody I know volunteer for the Russian Front? What is the big attraction there?"
"I have had many missions more dangerous than this one!"
Sgt. Richard Baker
Nita Talbot
Kenneth Washington
Kinchloe's replacement during the last year, Baker was never really given a personality of his own.
"This is Goldilocks. Go ahead Papa Bear."
A Russian spy and, in many ways, a female Colonel Hogan.
"You would DARE to interrupt a Gestapo interrogation?....He's about to crack!"
(Marya discovered kissing Hogan)
Colonel Rodney Crittendon
Bernard Fox
An eager but inept RAF officer who out-ranks Hogan, due to time-in-grade.
(Hogan and Crittendon discussing a "map")
Hogan:  "Colonel, you've given me the directions for assembling your radio set."
Crittendon:  "So it is! No wonder none of the towns look familiar!"