Sgt. Hans Schultz
John Banner
"I'm just as loyal a German soldier as any prisoner here in this room!"
Schultz seems to be quite content with his position as Sergeant of the Guard and almost happy with his status as a "Dummkopf". He is totally lacking in ambition and energy. A friendly, easy-going person who wants nothing more than to stay out of trouble and get plenty to eat.
Cancer: (Domestic,  peace-loving, sympathetic.)
In some episodes, Schultz has a wife named Gerta, but there are also several episodes in which he has girlfriends. It is never made clear whether Schultz "cheats", or the writers are just being inconsistent about whether or not he is married.
John Banner: Born Jan. 28, 1910 in Vienna, Austria.
Banner studied law for two semesters, but then quit college to become an actor. (In his youth he was cast as a romantic leading man type.) He came to the United States in 1938 as a war refugee.